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About Fr. Chris Findley

Chris is an Anglican Priest, author and speaker. His passion is for authentic discussions on faith and life and how we can live into our full potential as disciples of Jesus. He is known for a quick wit, straightforward talk and his love of great rock music.


The Lenten Water Bucket

Let’s face it, Lent gets a bad rap.  It’s accused of being too negative.  It brings about the tendency to look morbid and be grumpy.  It evokes too much unhealthy guilt.  Why put dirt on your head anyway? But this is not a true picture of Lent!  Lent is an opportunity to refocus and reexamine our lives in the […]

Listen, Keep, and Do

Christianity is a revealed religion.  It embraces and necessitates the idea that God has spoken to humanity in history and taught His people.  But what does He want us to do with this revelation?  As Israel gets ready to enter their Promised Land, Moses reviews what is expected of them as they begin the next […]


In the 1662 Book of Common Prayer we have a wonderful statement which highlights the essential truth of the battle we face in our Christian life.  In that Baptismal service, as the sign of the cross is traced on the child’s forehead the priest says, “[We] do sign him with the sign of the Cross, in […]

Living the Story Better

Going to a typical Christian bookstore is a bit of mixed experience for me.  On the one hand, I get excited seeing new books and resources available for spiritual growth and ministry.  On the other hand, I find myself frustrated at the goofy, the silly, the cliche, and the flat out weird which trivializes the […]