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About Fr. Chris Findley

Chris is an Anglican Priest, author and speaker. His passion is for authentic discussions on faith and life and how we can live into our full potential as disciples of Jesus. He is known for a quick wit, straightforward talk and his love of great rock music.



In the 1662 Book of Common Prayer we have a wonderful statement which highlights the essential truth of the battle we face in our Christian life.  In that Baptismal service, as the sign of the cross is traced on the child’s forehead the priest says, “[We] do sign him with the sign of the Cross, in […]

Living the Story Better

Going to a typical Christian bookstore is a bit of mixed experience for me.  On the one hand, I get excited seeing new books and resources available for spiritual growth and ministry.  On the other hand, I find myself frustrated at the goofy, the silly, the cliche, and the flat out weird which trivializes the […]

Great Books for Spiritual Growth

I’m often asked for book recommendations.  That always encourages me because it seems like the popularity of reading continues to drop.  An article from The Atlantic says that the number of non-book-readers has tripled since 1978.  (See article here>>>)  In the famous words of Bob Dylan, “The times they are ‘a changin’.”  I think people […]

Raising the Bar

In a recent article from Relevant magazine, entitled “The Tragedy of Dumbing Down Christianity”  Ethan Renoe said, “I’m saddened that atheists are so passionate about what they believe that they will read stacks of books in order to define their beliefs, while we are happy to float along the surface with a “Hillsong-deep theology” and call […]