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Chris is an Anglican Priest, author and speaker. His passion is for authentic discussions on faith and life and how we can live into our full potential as disciples of Jesus. He is known for a quick wit, straightforward talk and his love of great rock music.


2017 Gift Ideas!

Hi Everyone! I love this time of year -the lights, the carols, the preparation- and especially kneeling by candlelight while singing “Silent Night” at midnight Mass. But there’s also the opportunity to share gifts with those we love.  I thought I’d give you a few ideas by recommending a few of my favorite things. For […]

Continuing in Gratitude

Last week was Thanksgiving, so understandably, there was a lot of talk about gratitude. Thanksgiving gave way to ‘Black Friday’ which gave way to ‘Cyber Monday’ which are 2 of the biggest shopping days of the year. So let me get this straight.  After we spend all week building up to a feast during which […]

Going Deeper

Much of the Christianity in America today is superficial.  Badly superficial. We get up in arms about language, but tear a brother or sister down with gossip and think nothing of it. We dress to impress on Sunday morning at Church, and lie and manipulate at the office on Monday morning. We love to condemn […]

A Better Way to Read the Bible

Have you ever gotten jazzed up to read the Bible in a year?  Ever bought one of those “Through-the-Bible-In-A-Year” Bibles that break it up into 365 daily readings that run straight through from Genesis to Revelation?  I have.  In fact, I think I have a few of them around here. But I never liked those […]