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About Fr. Chris Findley

Chris is an Anglican Priest, author and speaker. His passion is for authentic discussions on faith and life and how we can live into our full potential as disciples of Jesus. He is known for a quick wit, straightforward talk and his love of great rock music.


Forty Days in a Cassock

They giggled and said, “What are you wearing? That looks like a dress.” My class at the local classical Christian school were not sure what to make of me when I walked in on Ash Wednesday wearing my cassock.  Sure, they had seen me in clericals every day.  But this was different.  This wasn’t a […]

Notre Dame, Sacred Space, and Spirituality

Yesterday, like many of you, I watched with great sadness the fire that consumed Notre Dame.  With stunned silence I saw the video of the spire collapse and this morning I saw the aftermath of the flames.  While it was devastating, by all accounts it could have been worse.  More damage could have been done.  […]

George Herbert on Lent

George Herbert is perhaps my favorite Anglican poet/priest.  He was born in 1593 and served in Parliament before giving up a secular career to seek Holy Orders.  His poetry and writings have been balm to many a needy soul.  Perhaps his best known poem is “Love”  He died in 1633 from consumption, but left behind […]

The Lenten Water Bucket

Let’s face it, Lent gets a bad rap.  It’s accused of being too negative.  It brings about the tendency to look morbid and be grumpy.  It evokes too much unhealthy guilt.  Why put dirt on your head anyway? But this is not a true picture of Lent!  Lent is an opportunity to refocus and reexamine our lives in the […]