Going Deeper

Much of the Christianity in America today is superficial.  Badly superficial.

We get up in arms about language, but tear a brother or sister down with gossip and think nothing of it.

We dress to impress on Sunday morning at Church, and lie and manipulate at the office on Monday morning.

We love to condemn sexual sin in others, but are just as entangled in our own sexual sin (namely Porn).

For the benefit of our own soul, we have to go deeper.

For the benefit of the world for which Jesus died, we have to go deeper.

For the love of God, we have to go deeper.

Superficiality is a cancer in the modern church.  Of course it has always been there and every generation has had to fight to some degree against it, but this is our day.

I believe many Christians have never been encouraged to go deeper in their discipleship because the church has never challenged them to do so.  The modern church has largely been satisfied with church attendance and tithers that kept the operation running.  There was precious little concern for the depth of understanding and maturity of the Christians in its midst.  We have to change this.

Modern American Christians don’t have a vision of discipleship that is compelling, that draws them forward to follow Christ passionately in their daily lives.  We need to recover this.  I mean, look at the first few centuries of the Church’s life where Christianity spread like wildfire in a hostile and decadent culture.  Something about following Jesus actually attracted people to the Church.  The types of lives they lived were winsome to others around them.  Their faith was powerful –they were willing to die for their beliefs and many did.  (Can you imagine what they think of our whining about the Target cashier not saying “Merry Christmas” or our “offense” at Starbuck’s holiday coffee cups?)

Let’s go deeper.  Let’s discover a discipleship that is robust –that leads us to authenticity and to maturity.  That’s a discipleship that can have a real effect on our lives and on the world.


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