Continuing in Gratitude

Last week was Thanksgiving, so understandably, there was a lot of talk about gratitude.

Thanksgiving gave way to ‘Black Friday’ which gave way to ‘Cyber Monday’ which are 2 of the biggest shopping days of the year.

So let me get this straight.  After we spend all week building up to a feast during which we are supposed to be grateful and give thanks, we get up insanely early to shop for yet more stuff?  I’m not a prude about this and I’m not going to finger-wag too hard on it, but it seems to be quite a juxtaposition.

As a disciple, and especially one that desires to make real progress in their spiritual life, we have to begin to listen for another tune, and move to a different rhythm.  The 4:8 Revolution is about taking captive our thoughts and renewing our minds.  So, here’s my thought.

We need to admit that the attitude of thankfulness is elusive to us.  It easily slips away in our consumer-oriented lives.  Because of this, we have to cultivate this attitude in ourselves.

So, while much of the world moves deeper into the Christmas rush (even though we haven’t even gone into Advent yet) make it a discipline to continue in gratitude.

Make gratitude a way of life.  Be grateful for life.  Be grateful for family and friends, for waking up this morning, for the opportunity to earn a living, for sunshine, or for rain.  Whatever good you become aware of, give thanks for it.  Make it a habit of looking for the good, and giving thanks for it.

Revolutionize your gratitude.


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