The 4:8 Revolution Podcast

The 4:8 Revolution is Chris’ podcast on real-world discipleship for real people.  It’s a straight forward and frank discussion on how we can follow Christ in the midst of our busy and active lives.  It’s short on sugar-coating and long on practical advice on helping you progress in Christian maturity.


The 4:8 Revolution 002: The Biggest Challenge to Discipleship

In this week’s podcast I discuss the biggest challenge to our discipleship- ourselves.  The truth is that we often get in our own way.  The only way to alleviate this is to be able to spot how we get in our way and work through and around those things.  These include:

  • Bad Tapes
  • Low Expectations
  • Pessimism/Defeatism
  • False Guilt
  • Comparing Ourselves to Others
  • Overthinking/Underacting


The Lies We Believe, Chris Thurman >>>




The 4:8 Revolution 001 (Inaugural Episode)

I talk about the vision of this new podcast and where the name comes from.  I also give 3 keys to jump starting your spiritual life.


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Examination of Conscience (coming soon)

Keys to Kickstart your 4:8 Revolution

  • Decide to stop playing the Christian game
  • Live an Examined Life
  • Embrace Discipline