The Walk

“Chris has written an excellent book that will show you the way to Walk with Christ and in Christ start to finish. Too many of us lose sight of what is important to us and to our families in these days of busy-ness, and often in hopelessness. We lose touch with the important things in life, and lose sight of God in our lives each and every day. Chris shows the way in a masterful and straight-forward style of writing. Highly recommend this book!” J.D.


My goal is to write books that encourage, challenge and uplift.  With “The Walk”, I wanted to dive into a discussion on walking with Jesus in the grit and grime of daily life.  In a culture that is constantly working to lure us away from faithfulness, what might it mean to walk faithfully?  I deal with the nature of faith –what is it and what if we struggle with believing?  I talk about walking through trials and difficulties and how to live and love in the community of the Church.  I also explore attitudes that help us to walk faithfully such as humility and trust.

I pray this book will be a blessing to the larger Church and draw all who read it into a deeper, more faithful walk with God.

A Fellow Pilgrim Trying to Walk Faithfully,